Sourcing :

We source our leathers from internationally established tanneries. Care is taken to ensure that the tanneries adhere to the International Standards of tanning complying to REACH and RoHS. The leather comes in varied Patterns, Finishes & Colors.

New Product Development :

Well established Moulds and Tool development cell / Leather development cell working in tandem with the Design department and successfully converting designs from Basic to Intricate design to actual products. Exploring new methods and materials are a regular aspect of our team.

Testing :

We have a state-of-art lab testing facility for testing of Incoming leather. Some of the Tests carried out are Wet rub test, Flex test, Pull off test etc. We are a member and are close associates of Central Leather Institute of India who have a strong infrastructure and facility for carrying out in-depth chemical analysis / testing of Finished Products.

Design Department :

The Design team keeps up with the latest trends in the market and regularly updates itself by attending and visiting International Leather & Watch Fairs.

Production :

Production is well equipped to meet the quality and the consistency in supplies through the state of the art machines and is IT equipped to capture the smallest of the datas to ensure smooth and Timely Delivery.

QA Department :

The Quality and the specifications of the products are ensured through AQL sampling methods.

Know How - Established Techniques of Manufacturing

Full Rembordé Strap:

In this process there a lot of craftsmanship involved. In the production of a rembordé (or full-wrapped) strap, the upper leather is turned around the breathable natural cotton fleece and glued and molded. Then the folded upper leather is glued to the lining leather as deep as the fiber to make the strap more hygienic & skin friendly. In the end, all components are stitched together. The strap is very stable, soft and durable.

Semi-Remborde' Strap:

In this process the upper leather is pulled to the bottom line of the lining leather (not-underneath) and is sealed there. The glueing is what holds the strap together, the seam is only for decoration.

Cut Edge Strap:

The leather is punched out or cut into the shape of the strap and then glued. Then the open edges are sealed with colour. This labor intensive technique is reserved for the most exclusive straps. An additional layer is placed on top of the strap. Virtually any leather can be used on this layer, which would be too stiff for conventional techniques. Then the strap is compressed, the edges are smoothened by using heat, sanded down and then painted with edge dye. Loops and buckle flaps are stitched by hand.

Integrated Strap:

In this method the strap is integrated to the watch case, construction of the strap is modeled in such a way that it seems to fuse with the watch case and showcases the flow and design of the watch case. At the production stage plastic accessories are tooled and inserted to give the continuity and visual flow to the case. This aspect of manufacturing can also be incorporated into-Full Rembordé , Semi-Remborde' and Cut Edge Straps.

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