Strap: Sleek Chic & Classical Opulence
K K Alli-Dark Brown and Croco Rally-Tan are leathers which are perfect for watch bracelets. These printed leathers give the watch a classical and fashionable look. The High Retro construction with Nubuck D lining sets of the textures of the leather and gives a stylish yet sturdy support to a classic or retro style watch.

Strap: Naturally Natural
High Retro construction with a perforated design, on B Ethnic- Golden Brown leather is a Classic Retro watch bracelet. This natural leather is earthy and would be a perfect foil for a classical watch for both ladies and gents watch.

Strap: Style Statement
Sleek black Grace Leather with Tana Red lining, is a stylish watch bracelet, with a twist.The High Retro construction gives the strap a very sophisticated look and the double sided stitching in Black-TKT- 40 with side locking of Red-TKT-40, would add a subtle and sophisticated value to a classical watch.

Strap: Feminine Intuition
Lavate a fine natural leather,in this elegantly feminine cut edge construction would give a period look to a classical or contemporary watch. The strap brings to mind the age of the Flower Power and Style.

Strap: Naturally Natural
This woven leather in Amazon Rust, is graceful and organic in feel and colour. The Cut Edge Retro construction make it a contemporary and at the same time a sturdy foil for a contemporary watch.

Strap: Violet Grace
This flat retro construction in Ravena- Violet leather is a visual treat and would make a trendy accompaniment for a trendy watch. Leathers like Ravens adds a graceful and fashionable look to the watch.

Strap: Classic Aristo
The Elegance of the T Padded construction has been subtly enhanced by the Vintage leather. The double stitching in TKT thread gives a definition and executive look. A perfect foil for a sophisticated watch.

Strap: Suede Chic
Nabuk, the leather is a vision in suede leather, in both colours- Gringo and Marron Scuro. The construction in Cut Edge Retro T/B is unpretentious and versatile and would complement a versatile watch. The stitching gives a definition and streamlined look.

Strap: Sherlock Holmes
This Black Cervo leather strap has an executive look, inspired by the vintage era.The Taper Padded construction gives it understated sophistication. The Tone in Tone 40,Black stitching defines it beautifully.

Strap: -Naturals
Designs for the nature lovers, This weather resistant materiel,Tecnic is perfectly suited for the adventures out door spirit and watch. Construction FTE and TIT stitching,in Tkt 40 thread gives the straps a seamless and sturdy look.

Strap: Flamboyant Fusions
Leathers in flamboyant leathers- Helen. A perfect fusion for a variety of watches. This cut edge in Nandrin construction with Tapper Bombe construction is a very contemporary strap.

Strap: Patent Prestige
This elegant and contemporary design, in a Retro Construction and BT tip would add value to an elegant fashion statement watch.The design has been set off to perfection by the Square Mondial leather.

Strap: The Orient Express
This exotic strap in Veggy Grand leather looks like a collectors piece. The simple yet elegant construction sets off the strap and leather to perfection.

Strap: Leather Legend
This Classical construction in Olio lavito leather has a natural look and feel. The organic antique effect of the leather would give the watch a very earthy yet fashionable look.

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